Make Music


The success of Make Music Day PDX depends heavily on volunteers. Last year we had 95 volunteers who did a great job and had a great time.  We ask each volunteer to work a two- or three-hour shift at one of the venues.   What will you do as a volunteer?

(1) Wear a Make Music Day PDX t-shirt with our logo based on Portlandia, which we will provide to you, and be ready to answer questions from audience members about Make Music Day PDX.

(2) Attend a brief party the weekend before June 21 to meet Make Music Day PDX board members and fellow volunteers, have some pizza, and get a quick training.

(3) Take about 10 photos and 5 minutes of video for each group of performers, for later posting on Make Music Day PDX’s website.  (Check out the photos and video from 2015 in the Gallery part of our website.)

(4) Assure that musicians get on and off the stage more or less on schedule and that the venue is left clean.

(5) Bring a cell phone and call either a Board member or the police if there are logistical glitches or some form of disturbance.  (There was no need to do this in 2016, but better safe than sorry.)

(6) Have a great time listening to the music and participating in a world-wide celebration.

To sign up to volunteer at the event, just send an email to, and note if you would prefer a particular venue or time slot.